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Wealth Management Challenges Facing Pandemic Covid 19 by Meity Anita

Management Challenges Facing Pandemic Covid 19

Meity Anita - May 1, 2020

Market situation seems not easy. Wealth management under pressure from Covid-19 and market volatility must

provide client with fast, accurate decisions, untainted by fear or uncertainty. How are #DigiWealth tool helping them

see the bigger picture and also achieve operational stability?

In fact Wealth Management are dealing with unprecedented levels of market volatility. Reliable data is crucial for

wealth managers to gauge investor perceptions, measure market cognition, and make informed decision swiftly for

their client. The market players (Wealth Managers) also need to ensure they habe the digital tools to maintain and build

client relationship, while remote working has become the new normal.

As global market reel from the combined effect of fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil

price slump, among other factors, volatility has reached record levels – and the ripple effect are impacting market

investors, and wealth managers a like.

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